Forex And Futures (CME) Markets Training
with Trader Anton Kolhanov

You Will Get:

  • Learn all my trading and analytical skills
  • Collaborative live trading with instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GOLD, Crude Oil, Natural gas, Wheat, Soybeans and more
  • Achievement of result after 6 weeks
Trading Results
*past results do not guarantee the same results in the future

Daily forecast from December 13: EURUSD, GBPUSD, GOLD, CRUDE OIL
Weekly / Long-Term Forecast, November 27 - December 01
Weekly / Long-Term Forecast, November 20 - 24
Weekly / Long-Term Forecast, November 13 - 17
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Currencies Metals Grains Crude oil


Mobile trading Day trading Long-term trading Fundamental analysys Multi time frame analysis Psychology of trading Money management
Learning process


Duration: 2 weeks (or more, if you need)
  • working your way through lessons;
  • doing practical assignments;
  • discussing trading system specifics;


  • devising daily and weekly trade plans;
  • determining of entring and exit points;
  • contemplating alternative follow-up scenarios of current market situation;
  • consolidating knowledge on trading system by means of live market trading;
  • analysis of erroneous deals, learning to avoid mistakes;
  • comprehensive insight on the market according to the system's concepts, finding out what is happening at the market and what to expect from it;


Duration: 1 month
  • discussing of entering and exit points;
  • private communication with Anton Kolhanov;
  • discussing the market's behavior;
  • psychological support;
  • consulting;


Personal training Online training Plenty of time: 6 weeks Practice instead of dry theory
Feedback of students
Businessman, Australia
Anthony Santos

I used so many indicators before, but none of them made consistent results. I follow economic calendar and trade from the exact time the news is released.
All of my strategy isnt working for me. My trading style doesn't fit to what indicators i used. I also spend a lot of time on screen to see all the movements of the market.

When I took up "Strategist" and it changed the whole system of my trading life. It makes trading easier and less time consuming.
All indicators are simple and easy to apply. It just takes time to learn forex all the lessons but it is all worth it.

All this weekly trading plan really works and it really change the way I analyze the market week after week.

You can really predict the market's movement with the lessons of "Strategist". After learning all the lessons and following all the rules, you can confidently say that you can make profit very soon.

Strategist not only makes you better in trading. It can also help you be organize in all things, helps you gather all the data needed and also becoming patient at all times.

I strongly convince all to also learn this lessons to make yourself a profitable trader and made your forex education success.

Student, Finland
Abiola Aderibigbe

I have seen tens of trading systems and I have implemented them on the market, but no one of these systems has come near to Strategic, the forex trading course owned and tutored by Anton Kolganov. While implementing Strategic system on the market, it is as if you are standing forex on the market cliff and seeing all the possibilities that the market presents, It also helps to steer clear of the pit falls in the market.

I strongly recommend this forex course for any serious individual who wants to make consistent profit in the forex market.

Businessman, India
Jomon Arikkat

Sky is the limit when one starts forex trading. It is not about money gaining but building a financial stability for oneself and many around us. I started with the hitch to learn the trade and now i feel the trade lives in me.

Life is not short from the way we think and the same applies in forex. Just we need to think above life and above what we want in trading and we shall success. Success is not measured by gaining, but measured by failure. Trading is not an art, hobby or time passing mode, but trading is changing one's life to live an other one.

Helping in this was Anton Kolhanov, and his trading system called "Strategist"who knows exactly what he does and he only speakes what he can do. According to him trading is not process but trading is a success in the right manner. He is here to change the face of your trading style. Along with me i know many who know him will agree that he is the future of "MONEY". Learn forex and be consistent.

Student, Thailand
Natthapat Siriwong

I used to trade without knowledge before. I don't know when to open order, when to close. After training forex for 4 months I got new certain and effective strategy. I know when to trade or stay from trading. This forex training change my day from being on computer all day to a few hours a day so I got more time for other things. I am sure I can make profit again because last profit I got them from my certain trade plan.

I start making profitable trading last week of last months, it takes me for 4 months. Before I only make my trade plan and watch after the chart. I think I still need to practice more to make every little details of trading to be clear. Potential students will not doubt to start traning. This system works very well. Training is better, as my expectations, I satisfy with this forex education.

Businessman, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Abdulqader Ozery

Linkedin profile

I was pleased with learning forex how to structure reports and very pleased with recommendations and strategies. This forex online course has helped me to think about the relationship between the fundamental and the technical analysis before this course I was making so many mistakes but now I learned how to draw charts with simple methods and feel very comfortable with my trading and it's profitable.

Really enjoyable! One of the most useful courses I have ever done. Anton, I would happily recommend your forex courses to everyone.

Thank you Anton


I am glad that there was an opportunity to work with the teacher of this course and learn the trading system "Strategist". We together with the teacher analyzed every trading day, looked info deals, I was writing trading plans for trading on the market during the period of practice. It is clear that the system works and can make a profit, targets are executing on 100%, and the levels accurately determine when a trend turns.


The Strategist online trading training course positively complied with my expectations. It helped me a lot with understanding of those parts in the huge "picture" called FX, which I missed out. Instead, "Strategist" is designed for steady and methodical earning at Forex, while all that it requires is just to follow a set of simple rules. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.


Unlike books which I read a lot, the process of foreign exchange learning and trading practice was under constant control of this forex system’s author. He point out my mistakes and helped to find right ways of solutions. As a matter of fact, system wasn’t so difficult for understanding, so I get learned quite fast and step by step made my trading profitable.


 I can now easily dominate the market using my insight. This currency course taught me all the things I needed at the currency market such as Foreign Exchange. This forex system makes the market a subject of easy prediction, it is complete and original.


From day one you will understand that currency trading requires professional, longer term, supervised forex education, not a brief tutorial. You will, without question, have a new understanding of a trading career such as currency trader if you take the Strategist Course.

Pilot, Europe

I used to conduct my trading using knowledge gained from literature, other forex systems, web forums etc and during all 3 years of that trading approach I hadn’t been anywhere close to being successful. After I took the course in "Strategist" trading system I was given answers to all my questions.  I understood that I used to know nothing about Foreign Exchange, traded blindly and trusted indicators for no good reason.  I forgot about nervousness since forex system provides great predictability. I know exactly where I stand at the market, and I see coordinates in relation to other time frames. I can unambiguously tell what trend I'm in, and how it is related to corresponding minor and major trends.

Forex And Futures (CME) Markets Training
  • type of trading: day trading, midle-long-term trading
  • learning instruments: trend channel, trend line, support/resistance, head & shoulders, double top/bottom, triangle, brilliant, flag, pyramiding, waves, wolf waves, money management, fundamental analysis, psychology
  • price (till December 31, 2017): payments by instalments $399 + $399 ($798 for all course)
  • prolongation of live trading in chat (1 month already included): $150/month


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