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Start trading by sticking to my few simple trading rules and always know what you are doing with a clear plan on your hands

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    Abiola Aderibigbe - student feedback

    Country: FinlandAbiloa student
    Job: Student

    I have seen tens of trading systems and I have implemented them on the market, but no one of these systems has come near to Strategic, the trading course owned and tutored by Anton Kolganov. While implementing Strategic system on the market, it is as if you are standing on the market cliff and seeing all the possibilities that the market presents, It also helps to steer clear of the pit falls in the market.

    I strongly recommend this course for any serious individual who wants to make consistent profit in the forex market.

    80% of success


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    What is my incentive to pass the knowledge?

    It’s simple: when you are teaching others, you are learning yourself. When I explain principles of trading to another person, I break down and systematize my own knowledge.