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Start trading by sticking to my few simple trading rules and always know what you are doing with a clear plan on your hands

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    Anthony Santos - student feedback

    Country: AustraliaAbiloa student
    Job: Businessman

    I used so many indicators before. None of them made consistent results. I follow economic calendar and trade from the exact time the news is released.
    All of my strategy isnt working for me. My trading style doesn't fit to what indicators i used. I also spend a lot of time on screen to see all the movements of the market.

    When I took up "Strategist". It changed the whole system of my trading life. It makes trading easier and less time consuming.
    All indicators are simple and easy to apply. It just takes time to learn all the lessons but it is all worth it.

    All this weekly trading plan really works and it really change the way I analyze the market week after week.

    You can really predict the market's movement with the lessons of "Strategist". After learning all the lessons and following all the rules, you can confidently say that you can make profit very soon.

    Strategist not only makes you better in trading. It can also help you be organize in all things, helps you gather all the data needed and also becoming patient at all times.

    I strongly convince all to also learn this lessons to make yourself a profitable trader.

    80% of success


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    What is my incentive to pass the knowledge?

    It’s simple: when you are teaching others, you are learning yourself. When I explain principles of trading to another person, I break down and systematize my own knowledge.