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Start trading by sticking to my few simple trading rules and always know what you are doing with a clear plan on your hands

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  • Testimonials

    Jomon Arikkat - student feedback

    Country: India
    Job: Businessman

    Sky is the limit when one starts forex trading. It is not about money gaining but building a financial stability for oneself and many around us. I started with the hitch to learn the trade and now i feel the trade lives in me.

    Life is not short from the way we think and the same applies in forex. Just we need to think above life and above what we want in trading and we shall success. Success is not measured by gaining, but measured by failure. Trading is not an art, hobby or time passing mode, but trading is changing one's life to live an other one.

    Helping in this was Anton Kolhanov, and his trading system called "Strategist"who knows exactly what he does and he only speakes what he can do. According to him trading is not process but trading is a success in the right manner. He is here to change the face of your trading style. Along with me i know many who know him will agree that he is the future of "MONEY"

    80% of success


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    What is my incentive to pass the knowledge?

    It’s simple: when you are teaching others, you are learning yourself. When I explain principles of trading to another person, I break down and systematize my own knowledge.