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  • Trading results

    +30% / 1/2 April - June 2016

    I did't post trading results for a long time, because after previous trading statement and withdrawal I have made resting during 2 weeks and when during next 2 weeks market was without trading conditions, so 1 month (march) fell from trading.

    Need to say that this trading period was difficult, beucase we had many of speech of FED and ECB chairmans and market was not able to became in balance, when after each next speech all trading models/levels/patterns was broke and very-very fast. When we had Brexit and again 2 week was felt from trading, and seems that next one week also will be non-trading.

    So I can't say that trading result is good, by digitals, but looking on market conditions I'm glad that I have made this profit and have what to spend.

    > Here is trading statement <

    Statement: - Anton Kolhanov

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