3. Benefits Of Trading System Learning

  • Professional trading system
  • Individual approach to each trainee, collaborative practice lessons
  • Acquiring both trader’s and analyst’s skills
  • Intraday, position, swing and long-term trading types
  • Acquiring a skill of forecasting the market over periods starting from a few hours to several months and years ahead
  • Opportunity to trade using pending orders
  • The system is versatile and is suitable for any market: FOREX, metals, energy, equity indexes, agricultural and etc.
  • Collaborative trading in Live Trading Room
  • Distant learning over the web, right at your place (via e-mail, skype, video streaming)
  • Pay for training in installments (payments for separate stages)
  • Forecasts produced with “Strategist” trading system are released at this site, and also published by leading Forex-related portals such as FxStreet, Investing, InsideFutures, BarChart. Broker companies purchase our forecasts as well

Individual learning style under guidance of the system’s author including co-operative practice in trading
All training is guided solely by the system’s author, Anton Kolhanov himself, directly and in constant co-operation with trainees. You receive theoretical materials stage by stage, lesson by lesson, and get assignments after each lesson. During the course you will be given answers to all questions that arise personally for you, which guarantees complete comprehension of course materials.

Opportunity to develop trader’s and analyst’s skills at the same time
After completing the course not only will you have skills to become successful at trading, but also you will have an ability to develop into market analyst (your insight will be sufficient to write analytic reviews for broker companies or forex-related websites, for example). For “Strategist” trading system allows high precision forecasting of the market’s movement in a period from one day to one year and beyond.

Remote online learning, you are not tied down to particular location or schedule
Training is maintained via skype, email and video streaming.  The benefit of such remote learning is that you are not tied to a fixed time, regardless of which time zone you live in. Study theoretical materials, put questions, receive answers, go for practice whenever it is convenient for you, be it day or night in your locality.

Both intraday and longer-term trading
“Strategist” trading system is suitable for trading at a wide range of timeframes, from M1 to monthly, which provides flexibility in sense of trading term. That is, the system accommodates intraday, medium-term, and long-term trading. You can choose daily timeframe, for example, and conduct trading by keeping your deals open for days since the month’s beginning. Or you can switch to hourly timeframe and close your deals within one day. Or trade at whatever timeframe suits trading term of your choice.

Making market forecasts for intervals from one day to one year, and even more
Feel the confidence in foreseeing the market’s tendencies over periods of days, weeks, months and even years ahead, adjusting your trading plan in accordance with prospects spotted. Add deal volume along the trend or wait for the optimal moment to enter the market in order to maximize your profit.

Remote trading without spending much time at the terminal by means of pending orders (convenient for those having a full-time job)
In general, most traders tend to dislike sitting in front of trading terminals all day long, or they just can’t spend considerable amounts of time on it because of occupation at a full-time job. “Strategist” trading system allows conducting trade successfully without constant presence at the terminal.

By means of forecasting the market (determining the optimal level to enter the market, as well as take profit and stop loss levels), you will able to place pending orders with all those levels specified. Pending orders will open deals automatically in unattended mode (your terminal doesn’t even need to be online), and then close them when the target level is reached.

You will have an opportunity to trade solely with pending orders starting from hourly timeframe (closing deals within one day) and above. You carry out analysis of the chart (make the market’s forecast, which will take you from 15 to 30 minutes a day), determine levels of entry and exit for a deal, specify those levels in a pending order and proceed with other favorite (or necessary) activities: go for work, do sports, hang out with friends and family, command your business, have some recreation and so on.

Consolidation of acquired knowledge with the help of assignments and co-operative practice
Stage 1 of practical training: assignments after each lesson
Course material is provided in sections in a form of separate lessons. After completing one lesson, a trainee receives an assignment to work on in order to consolidate concepts discussed in that particular lesson. A trainee proceeds to the next lesson after completing the assignment successfully. Author of the course revises assignments and gives explanations on mistakes if any are found. Such approach will help to ensure that each trainee achieves adequate comprehension flawlessly and efficiently, without piling up unanswered questions and misunderstood concepts.

Stage 2 of practical training: trading practice at the real market
After entire theoretical material is learned (and all assignments are done), we go on and start the finishing stage of training: compiling weekly trading plans and further trading at the real market in live trading room with chat and video streaming of Anton’s live trading.

Each trainee is going to make his own trading plan, which will again be revised and corrected (if necessary) by the Anton. Besides, Anton will post his own trading plans with detailed explanations, therefore you will be able to see the complete picture of the market and examine trading situations on real examples. Once again, this will improve both your trader’s and analyst’s skills.

Stage-based payment plans, you pay by installments as you go through the course
If you prefer to try the course before you pay the full cost, or it is more convenient for you to pay in portions – you can pay by two installments as you proceed, for the first stage in the beginning, and for the second stage after completing the first.