Live Trading Training Room


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The Live Trading Training Room is a part of my trading training course, where in addition to the chat room itself, you will also receive 1 lesson of the course for free every month

– watch my trading and work in real-time through audio/video streaming of charts;
– get real-time market analysis with alternative scenarios;
– communicate and learn 1 to 1 with me and the rest of the chat participants, share charts and files;
– put the knowledge gained from the training course into practice;
– learn basic patterns of technical analysis from live charts;
– learn advanced patterns from my training course for free each new month;
– study the impact of news on the market;
– study the relationship between technical and fundamental analysis;
– get comments on important market events;
– improve your own analytical skills;
– learn to limit risks;
– get emotional support and positive experience;
– list of instruments: E-mini S&P500 (ES), Crude oil (CL), GOLD (GC);
– working hours: EST 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. / UTC 13:00 – 16:30 p.m. (US trading sessions). 3,5 hours per day.

1. Trend channels, lines and waves;
2. Chart patterns;
3. Support and resistance levels;
4. Candlestick patterns;
5. Volume analysis (order flow);
6. Joint lesson;
The way you will be receiving lessons: subscribed in first month – received #1 lesson, continued your subscription in second month – received #2 lesson and so on;
– Lessons #1-3 consists practical tasks
Detailed lessons description