Trading System “Strategist” by Anton Kolhanov (Master Class)


“Strategist” trading system is a professional-level system, which allows forecasting the market over periods starting from a few hours long (intraday trading) to several years long (long-term, position, swing trading).

Use of position, swing trading provides for opportunity of gradual addition of deals along the trend, thus taking the maximum profit. For example, having a 200 pips long trend we can take profit of 600 pips, which means that profitability is multiplied by factor 2–3 and even greater.

“Strategist” system is based upon classical tools of TA: trend lines and trend channels, chart patterns (head and shoulders, double top/bottom and so on), support/resistance levels. custom simplified wave notation and order flow (volume analysis). Principles of notation were completely reconsidered, formalized (described in unambiguous terms, which hasn’t been done before in a systematic form) and adapted to accommodate today’s markets.

As a result, the system turned out to be so simple that it does not involve using any indicators, and entire technical analysis can be performed with the sole tool, namely trendline. This feature makes the system versatile for any exchange marker, be it FOREX, commodity, agricultural, stock  and so on (the system is capable of analyzing and forecasting any imaginable trading instrument).

Due to absence of indicators in the system, trader acquires an absolute comprehension of the market and is not tied to using an indicator, which can be absent on some terminals or fail under certain conditions. With “Strategist” you can make a proper forecast using a pencil and a ruler on a paper with the market graph printed (or sketched by hand).

A quote from Ivan, trainee:
Anton asked me to draw an arbitrary price graph on a sheet of paper and cover it with another sheet so he couldn’t see it. Then he started to reveal the graph I drew step by step, stating the points of entering the market along with stop loss and take profit levels. I was utterly amazed when out of 8 deals he proposed on-the-fly, 6 proved to be profitable and 2 others were with just a small loss.

“Strategist” system allows determining trend’s turn level with 1 pip precision. So, whenever a new trend emerges you will know its endpoint, after getting to which it will turn. The system’s forecasts include multiple variants of market situation development: you will always foresee alternative scenario if the market suddenly moves against you, and know its upcoming moves at least 3 steps ahead.