Course on intraday trading, the type of trading which involves deal opening and closing within one trading session

futures (cme) and forex
Trading instruments: EUR/USD (6E), GOLD (GC), WTI Crude (CL), Brent, S&P500 (ES), Dow Jones (YM)
Allow to trade on MetaTrader (if now you forex trader) and to have trading signals from NinjaTrader 8

  • You can learn my entire trading system by progressing through lessons step by step
  • Or you can take any individual lesson separately and apply it as addition to your trading system, resulting in greater profitability

Determine intraday and long-term levels of buyers/sellers, which are crucial reference points in making deals, placing stops, and finding targets of trend ending/reversal.

Drawing of trend channels and lines, deal opening/closing. Wave structure of trends of higher and lower orders. Target levels by projector. Determining endpoints of waves 4 and 5 by Elliott’s concept. Supports/resistances in a vacuum zone.

Patterns: head and shoulders, flag, triangle, diamond, double top etc. Rules of drawing: symmetry, divergence, wave ratio. Predicted targets. Recognizing the signs of one pattern transitioning into another

How to trade and predict market through candlestick patterns. Determine price of buyers and sellers, support and resistance. Buyers/Sellers pressure

Tools: Volume Profile, Delta, Footprint chart. Determine with 1-tick accuracy: position of the seller and the buyer, trend start and end, price of deal opening/closing, and stop loss

In this course all available lessons on day trading are joined into a unified trading system

Trade online with my assistance during the US trading session